Is She Wife Material?

In the beginning of any relationship, establishing whether or not this one is going to last forever is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Unless this is Hollywood, then your journey of true love can be shortened over the period of a week. But since nothing is impossible, here are some signs to alert you that the girl you might be dating just might make an amazing wife.

She has her act together

Is she has a stable (or not so stable) job and a place of her own she is positively wifey material. If she has kids, make sure she is raising them right. This might be a little extreme but you should know about her legal record and her debt status. Hey, I only say this so that you can be cautious with those gold diggers (they exist!). Please don’t be that guy who lets his woman take advantage of his financial position. Date a woman who has her act together.

The woman you want to spend the rest of your life with (or maybe until divorce) shouldn’t be a serial killer, drug addicts, messy legal record or lives under her parents’ roof. I want a mature, responsible woman who isn’t a mess. She should be motivated and employed and let’s make one things clear, I am not after her money.

You can have fun around her

The divorce rates in the United States can push any hopeless romantic over the edge and into depression. Although, I still believe in the ‘till death do us part’ and I still want it to happen for me. So, the other day my brother and I were talking and I asked him what he liked about his wife most. He said that they have so much in common and always have a good time together.

As a married man, the person you spent most time with is your wife. Sometime she even hangs out with your friends. Those marriages survive. This is why common interests are so important and without those, a relationship usually has an expiration date.

You have great sexual chemistry

I do not believe that a relationship revolves around sex but it sure is an important part of a couple’s life. Both partners are meant to enjoy it and it keeps a relationship healthy. You might be attracted to a woman but the sex it just not good. Religious aspects aside, I am not one for ‘waiting till marriage to have sex’. I mean what if the sex is not good? Can you imagine a marriage where neither partner enjoys the sex, or worse, one partner doesn’t while the other does? Sex isn’t everything but it keeps a relationship strong. So if her girl is good in bed, then that’s a sure sign you should let her stick around.