Interview With A Online Dater!

onlinedaterwomenSo I am a dude and men are known to read and understand woman wrongly since the dawn of time. So I set on a mission to understand and see online dating from a woman’s perspective and then talking to this girl I met via Her name was Crystal and she shared with me a highly disturbing experience at online dating. So sit tight and learn.

Q: So I will be straight forward. I want details of your experience on online dating.

A: Honestly, it was bad and it haunts me. I can’t understand why I am still bothered really. I have met some real jerks and douchebags online. All they are looking for is to get nasty. I’m not saying I don’t want sex but I don’t want just sex. I mean, is it so bad to know a girl a little before sending her pictures and giving her nightmares of his junk?

Q: But wait, wouldn’t it better to find out right away and save the disappointment of a 3-incher but the time you are ready for sex?

A: Hmm. That’s a good point, except it’s not.

Q: Just kidding. But wait, have you seriously never met a half decent guy online? They can’t all be jerks.

A: I can online think of a couple of decent guys. But there is a whole list of douchebags.

Q: Do you think you are being picky?

A: No. All I ask for is he be easy on the eyes, looks well after himself and knows how to treat a woman with respect. Not much to ask, I think?

Q: So I saw your profile and you are really attractive. You might get like a dozen emails from guys on a daily basis. Can you share what these guys say in those emails?

A: Thank you for telling me I am attractive and not pairing it with “so, you free tonight?”.Those emails never fail to crack me up.

Q: Would you be kind enough to help out some guys with advice as to how to meet women online?

A: It’s not that hard. Just don’t be a douchebag and don’t start a conversation by sending her a picture of your junk. Keep it classy. If you are looking for a decent girl then be sure you can make her laugh. The conversation should be mature and not based on sex acts. I don’t see why a girl wouldn’t be into you.